Wednesday, January 08, 2014

A New Free Porn For Women Site

If you want to watch free porn for women videos from a variety of quality adult sources, please visit Porn for Women TV.

This site has been carefully curated to feature the best movies and includes a very diverse array of content, from straight to queer, romantic to kinky and gonzo hardcore, instructional or plot-based. If you're female, you'll find something you like at this site.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

I.M. In Love Preview

This is the trailer to my short film "I.M. In Love" which has screened at numerous film festivals including Cinekink. It's about two dungeon-and-dragon loving nerds who are madly in love, communicating via instant messaging. As the language gets raunchy, the tension mounts - and the goblins are nervous.

You can find the full film online at my site Bright Desire.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Making and Debating Porn For Women

This is the presentation I gave about the history of porn for women at the Feminist Porn Conference in Toronto in April 2013, just after the Feminist Porn Awards.

In this talk I discussed the history of women's erotica, how it grew into a genre on the internet and the various problems with the phrase itself - how it can be seen as exclusionary, prescriptive and stereotypical.

The talk is a slightly altered version of the history of porn for women article which I wrote several years ago.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Feminist Porn Guide

If you're curious about what feminist porn is and who is making it, please visit Feminist Porn Guide. This site lists all the best-known feminist directors and websites and makes recommendations about films that you might want to watch.

It also features my Periodic Table of Feminist Porn.

Kaleidogasm 3 - Surreal erotica

This is Kaleidogasm 3, a surreal, erotic short film I made using mirrored and distorted images. It creates interesting questions about what we find erotic and what we find scary. I personally find these images fascinating, both horrible and sexy at the same time. Is it porn? Vimeo declared it to be thus, deleting it last week. I asked for an official definition of "pornography" and they declined to give me one, essentially saying "we know it when we see it".

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Feminist Porn Is Crucial"

Juno star Ellen Page gave a big thumbs up to feminist porn in a Reddit AMA question thread, says this article. Ellen said:

I think we are in a very scary time right now. The rhetoric from the right wing is terrifying to me. I think feminist porn is crucial. To only have porn from the male perspective is damaging. Women are sexual creatures, as much as men and that needs to be embraced.
Courtney went to a lot of effort to point out that feminist porn should not be termed "porn for women". In the News article she went further and said:

"With no offence meant to the folks who label their porn this way, 'Porn For Women' is a marketing construct about as legit as the Bic 'Pen for Her' products - set up by large adult film studios to affirm that women are not part of the general consumers of pornography, which may have been true 20 years ago when we weren't granted equal access to pornography, but not now".
As someone who has spent 13 years marketing my content as "porn for women" I tend to disagree. I've written a response to this at Ms Naughty blog: “Porn For Women” Is Not Analogous to “Bic Pens For Women”

Monday, June 17, 2013

Real Couples Having Sex

This is a sneak peak at my award-winning film Connections: Real Couples, Joyful Sex. It received an honourable mention at the Feminist Porn Awards 2013 in Toronto.

This film features three real-life couples, making love as they would at home. The explicit sex scenes capture the kind of lovemaking you rarely see in mainstream porn: there's tenderness, laughter, a knowledge of each other's bodies and even funny awkward moments. Plus plenty of beautiful pleasure and real orgasms.

You can find all the scenes from this film at Bright Desire Porn for Couples.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What Is Feminist Porn?

Feminist porn is, of course, feminist. While the definition of feminism may vary and mean different things to different people, it's fair to say that feminist porn seeks to promote equality in the depiction of sex. That equality doesn't just extend to heterosexual, cisgender women but to all sexualities, genders, classes and races. The feminist philosophy behind it is one that rejects rigid definitions of sexuality and sex roles.

Feminist porn is also part of the wider sex positive movement. Being sex positive is about accepting all aspects of human sexuality with an open and positive mind, embracing sex as a healthy activity and promoting sex education and safe sex.
 From "Fabulous Feminist Porn", an article by Ms. Naughty at Feminist Porn Guide